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Richland #44 High School Announcements

Summer 2015


To All Richland 44 Parents/Patrons

The Richland School Board is pleased to announce that Mr. Tim Godfrey has accepted our offer to be the next superintendent of our school district. He will officially begin his duties on July 1st.

Mr. Godfrey is coming to us from the Montpelier, ND school district. He is originally from Fullerton, ND. His background includes the US Army, Special Education Teacher, College Instructor, Title 1 Charter School Administrator and High School Principal  in Alaska. He is a solid professional educator and administrator and he is excited about getting to know our staff, students, parents, and communities. The board is confident you will find Tim to be a confident leader who shares our vision for Richland 44. Please extend a warm Richland welcome whenever you have an opportunity to meet him.


The Richland 44 School Board

Lisa Amundson, Dan Haverland, John Flaa, Sarah Myers, Festus Mickelson, Kurt Anderson, Ken Knudsen