Students and Parents: Prepare a learning workspace in your home that you can focus on learning and have all of your supplies near.  This includes your textbooks, school supplies, and computer.


Student Expectations

  • Use technology appropriately. Your search history is logged. The websites you visit are logged. Inappropriate language is logged. Concerns of your use of the school-issued device will be tracked, parent contact will be made, and continued violations will have consequences.
  • Check Google Classroom daily.
  • Check your Gmail daily.
  • Remember your passwords! Know how to reset them if you forget. This is a life skill. 🙂
  • Complete your assignments. Completion and Engagement = Attendance Teachers will be tracking your attendance by hearing from you and by you turning in expected assignments. Just like regular school – online school is NOT optional.
  • Communication is key- if something isn’t working email your teachers or request a phone call!


Parent Expectations

  • Be patient. We are ALL navigating a new school environment. We do not expect you to be full-time teachers. We do not expect students to be “schooling” all day online. In fact, if they are online all day, chances are it isn’t all homework or class. 🙂
  • We want learning to continue, and we will be trying to keep up with our school structure in the online format. While we have been blessed to have technology as a tool in our classroom, it has now become the means of delivery. Again, we thank you for your patience as we further develop our online teaching skillset.
  • Don’t assume – ASK! Have your child show you their learning platform, their assignments, and have them explain what is expected of them for their different classes. This will help you understand their successes, their frustrations, and help you know they are keeping up with the pace and the content of the classes
  • Monitor your child’s technology. Although we are still monitoring our security filter, we are counting on parents to set parameters for student’s technology use. It is OK to have students turn in their device at night, to only work on schoolwork at a set time, and to have them work in common areas to ensure they are being smart digital citizens.


Elementary Counselor – Ms. Baker

If you need a preschool – 2nd grade learning link email Sheila Gunness here.

3rd – 6th grade will be using Google Classroom.  If you need a classroom code, email Sheila Gunness here.

Google Classroom Homepage


5th and 6th grade teachers will share their office hours on the google classroom page


High School

7th – 12th grade will be using Google Classroom.  Teachers will share their office hours on the google classroom page

Students can see individual updates from teachers on their Google Classroom pages. If you are in a class that didn’t use Google Classroom before, you will be now. If you need these codes email Sheila Gunness here.

Google Classroom Homepage

Counseling Services – Mr. Potter 

Click here for Teacher Office Hours


Telecommunications FERPA clause:  ​Due to the nature of the service, we cannot guarantee full confidentiality due to the nature of online communication and/or lack of control over end-user security. Zoom is an encrypted service and is very secure, but again, we cannot guarantee it with 100% certainty.